Transaction Process

Seller’s Transaction Procedure Terms & Conditions

To initiate the transaction, an official signed and sealed END BUYER’S LOI (PDF) is required. Please see below our mandatory transaction procedure terms & conditions. The Procedure Terms & Conditions below are “Mandatory and Non-Negotiable”

  • End Buyer issues official ICPO / LOI- Seller issues Official FCO to end buyer.
  • FCO counter signing and sealing by Buyer together with a copy of the BUYERS passport and original Company Registration Certificate.
  • Seller sets up the SPA Draft for the BUYER’S final review, to be signed & sealed.
  • SPA is counter-signed by the SELLER.
  • SELLER issues Official Commercial Invoice.
  • BUYER issues MT705 Pre-Advice (BUYER can also choose to directly issue the MT700) and move directly to the shipment stage.
  • SELLER grants Inspection & Full POP exchange including SGS, etc.
  • BUYER issues MT700.
  • SELLER issues PBG (20% against Buyers LC).
  • SELLER starts shipment delivery TEN (10) working days after the full confirmation of the MT700 by the SELLER’S bank.